Some of our top selling items, bundled together at discount prices.

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Nuxe Honey Bundle

A combination of three of our favourite Nuxe products, at discount prices.
347.80 (BRL) 316.19 (BRL)

Bioderma Crealine/Sensibio Bundle

Bioderma's Crealine/Sensibio range, bundled together at a discounted price.
309.16 (BRL) 281.05 (BRL)

Avene Cold Cream Bundle

Three Avene Cold Cream products for the skin, hands and lips bundled together, at a discounted price.
212.55 (BRL) 193.22 (BRL)

Bioderma Sebium Bundle

Bioderma's Sebium range bundled together, at a discounted price.
357.46 (BRL) 324.97 (BRL)

Top 4 Best Sellers Bundle

A bundle of four of our top selling products. A313 Avibon alternative cream, Embryolisse Lait Ceme Concentrate, Innoxa Blue Eye Drops and Homeplasmine Cream.
367.03 (BRL) 333.66 (BRL)

Avene Imperfections Bundle

Three amazing products from Avène to help fight redness and imperfections.
289.74 (BRL) 263.40 (BRL)