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Easy Halloween Makeup Idea: Spider Mouth
This easy Halloween makeup is perfect if you want to put together a DIY costume with things you already own! Watch the step by step makeup tutorial.
DIY Overnight Hair Mask for Fall Dandruff & Dryness
Check out this 3-ingredient DIY hair mask I use overnight to help moisturize my hair and clear up dandruff.
My Best Hack for DIY Long Lasting Vacation Nails
Always stumped on how to do your nails for vacation so that they look great and stay that way? Here’s my favorite hack for vacation nails I wear on trips!
Parisian Inspired Minimalist Makeup Routine
On a recent trip to Paris, I became inspired by the local women's natural approach to makeup. Here's my own minimalist makeup routine using drugstore products.
Bright Cut Crease Makeup using Take Me Back to Brazil Palette
I’ve really been trying to challenge myself to create bolder and brighter looks lately. It can be so easy to fall into the same rotation of neutrals for everyday looks. It keeps my juices flowing to crack open a rainbow palette and think up new color combinations. You could say the BH Cosmetics Take Me […]
Why & How to Use Lip Liner for Current Makeup
Lip liner isn't just for 90s babes! Here's how to use lip liner in your modern makeup routine for 6 different purposes, from making your lipstick last longer to fixing mistakes.
How To Do My Signature Makeup Look

Hey my loves! Since you guys are always commenting and asking about my signature look, I wanted to update you with a tutorial on the makeup look I’m loving right now. This look is super girly and very on-trend –...

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My Eyebrow Routine + How to Conceal Faded Microblading

Hello my beautiful babes!  Today I'm sharing my current eyebrow routine with you and I'm super excited to answer some frequently asked questions.  A few weeks ago I had what was hopefully my LAST session of laser tattoo removal to get ride of my microblading. That's a total of eight sessions which have spanned over a year.  It’s a tragic story and one that I've talked about A LOT, probably too much ??so I'll skip over the drama and if you're new you can catch up to speed by reading this post here.Considering what I've got to work I'm really proud of this routine and I hope it gives you some inspiration on your own brow game!  It’s been quite the process trying to cover up the old microblading and make anything look good.  I’ve literally tried ALL the pencils, pens, concealers, creams, gimmicks and more to find the best products for smudge proof and dimensional brows.  You ready for it?!

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How To Recreate My Classic Hollywood Glam Look

Hey my loves! As the Oscars are nearly here – and I’ve always been obsessed with them – I thought I’d do the ultimate, classic old Hollywood glam makeup tutorial for you guys. Even if you’re not going to the...

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Valentine’s GLAM Makeup Tutorial

HIIIIIII!!!! We've got one week until Valentine's Day, babes. Do you have any fun plans?! I'm trying to get my mother-in-law to watch my kids for the weekend to surprise my husband with a little trip to St. George so he can golf. Well, I guess so we can golf. The things I do for that man! I'll keep you posted on what happens. If no surprise trips lurk around the corner, though, I know we'll end up going to a nice restaurant and there are foreseeable chocolates in my future haha! I happened upon this really beautiful Valentine's Glam Makeup look the other day and wanted to share. It's easy enough and doesn't take much time so I thought you babes would like it.

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