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Dolodent Teething Relief

Dolodent is the only French pharmaceutical teething aid manufactured to contain a local anaesthetic.
15.12 (EUR) 13.75 (EUR)

Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate - 30ml tube

Embryolisse lait creme concentrate is a rich cream for all skin types that promises to moisturise and nourish the skin and make it look smooth, supple and soft.
16.64 (EUR) 15.13 (EUR)

Eucerin Aquaphor - 40g Tube

Promotes and accelerates the regeneration of healthy skin. No.1 Skin Repair Cream in the USA.
17.77 (EUR) 16.15 (EUR)

Otostick Baby

The instant and permanent solution for prominent ears in children aged 3 months+.
23.03 (EUR) 21.82 (EUR)

Otostick Children and Adults

The instant and permanent solution for prominent ears.
23.03 (EUR) 21.82 (EUR)

Weleda Nursing Tea - 20 Sachets

Support healthy lactation naturally with Weleda Nursing Tea.
19.68 (EUR) 17.89 (EUR)